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Sessions with RLP Studios are designed to be fun. Life should be fun and messy and real and that’s what we want to capture. We can wander around the Pearl, the eastside industrial district, or even just your neighborhood. Maybe you want to travel out into the lovely greenspaces that surround the metro area. Or we can go to your home: your child’s bedroom, playroom, or backyard can often create wonderful vignettes. The options are literally limitless. Wherever your family is most comfortable is the best way to determine your ideal location.

Once we arrive expect to play, chat, and enjoy yourself. We want to get past the cheesy grins and get the smiles that come naturally. It will happen, we promise — we have lots of practice doing this. Our sessions generally last between an hour and a half and two hours. If things went really well we’ll get hugs from your kids while we walk out the door.

We typically book two-three weeks out, particularly during the summer and holiday season. Sessions begin at $200, but please contact us to discuss availability and pricing for your specific situation.


When you have a new little one in your home, it’s an amazing wonderful thing. They’re so beautiful and all you want to do is nuzzle their sweet faces and fingers– and sleep. The last thing that you want is to pack up every single thing that you need in those first weeks, clothe yourself for public viewing, and venture out to the photography studio for portraits of your newborn. We learned this early on and so all of our newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your home. This also gives us the perfect opportunity to incorporate your style and the place that you will grow as a family into your photographs.

As your baby grows we’ll be there too, capturing their developing personalities and the little things that will make them them. We love to see tentative smiles, hand clapping, peek-a-boo and the tender moments between you and your baby. That first year is full of so many changes and documenting that has been one of our favorite parts of being professional photographers. Some of those later sessions can take place in your home, too, but it’s fun to venture out and capture the world through your baby’s eyes. These sessions will become treasures for a lifetime– and the perfect jumping off point for the portraits that will come in the following years.


It’s such an amazing thing to be a part of the most important moments in people’s lives. We bring the same attention to detail and passion as we do with our lifestyle sessions, and maybe even more, knowing that every moment might be THE MOMENT. In order to provide that level of boutique service to our event clients we only accept a limited number of wedding & event bookings per season. Coverage for events starts at $3000 and includes two photographers.

Other add on options are available, including The Mini Studio™ photobooth, day-after sessions, and Celebrate the Dress sessions. Contact us for more details and a specific quote based on your situation and needs

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