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Project: Bring A Baby Safely Into The World is almost complete

Remember that post about life happening while we were making other plans? Well, pretty much the last year has been full of life taking us for a ride. First there was a pregnancy that sent me onto bed rest during what would have been our busiest season of the year. Trust me when I say that bed rest is neither restful nor conducive to meeting your clients’ needs in any sort of quick fashion. It’s hard to work from a prone position! But our clients were brilliant and understanding and deserve all the thanks in the world for bearing with us. Then things got more complicated and bed rest went to BED REST and then to being hospitalized to try to prevent our baby from being born premature. But life still had other plans and we welcomed our second little girl, Paige, into the world a month early.

But wait! There’s more! In the first three weeks she was home our newly expanded family shared a gastrointestinal flu and then bronchitis. Tiny premature lungs don’t cohabitate well with infections of the pulmonary system and so the end of February took us back to the hospital, to the Pediatric ICU at Emanuel Hospital. We are incredibly lucky to live in a city, and a country, where access to medical care is so readily, immediately available, and though it took time, we were able to bring our baby home safe and sound at last. We’re still easing into life as a family of four and Paige’s world will stay fairly small for some time until she’s a little heartier. But it’s nice to be returning to a more normal RLP routine. In the last few weeks we’ve had the chance to take on a few very fun projects: capturing the crew of the new NW Kids Magazine staff including the brand spanking new editors, Kelley and Beth of the adorable blog Cleeo & Bea, and a photoshoot with the kindergarteners of Hilltop Preschool that I can’t reveal because it’s one of the big ticket items at their upcoming auction. I’m excited to bring these and other fun new projects back to the blog soon and to share our life with you all once again. All in due time, right?

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