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    Brigitte & Eric and the bridges of Portland • Portland Engagement Sessions

    Over the last several months we’ve been thinking about weddings here at RLPStudios. (Full disclosure: I’ve been subscribing to Martha Stewart Weddings since the inaugural issue. But I digress). We photographed a lot of weddings last season and had an amazing time. We noticed something, though, along the way: with our portrait clients, we’re able to take the time to really tailor their sessions and experiences, and then the collections that they choose for their homes, to really fit them. When we’re photographing two or three weddings in a weekend that personal interaction and experience becomes more difficult. So we made a very difficult decision: to take fewer wedding commissions, but in turn, to devote the same attention to detail and inspiration to each one. The couples that we have and will photograph are each so lovely. I’m starting to feel like what one of my mentors said about parenting: you don’t love one child more, you just love them each for different reasons.

    Brigitte and Eric are going to be wed later this summer at The Madeleine Church and then fete at a reception at the Oregon Historical Society. They are planning so many fabulous touches that the more I hear, the more that I just want to dance with excitement. But the thing that excites me the most is, well, just Brigitte and Eric. We went out last month for their engagement session along the Eastbank Esplanade and into the industrial district near our studio and spent the entire time giggling. Literally. They are so playful with each other and so affectionate. It’s just adorable. I could go on and on but I think I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves…

    This was Eric’s idea, and it took a lot of convincing from him, but I think that the end result was hysterical!

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    Pat, Laurie and Emma • Portland Family Portraits

    We photographed Pat, Laurie and Emma for the first time about a year and a half ago. Emma was, then, an adorably chubby cheeked baby who I literally couldn’t stop kissing for the entire session. She was just that sweet. We photographed her at home, in her bedroom, and in their backyard in the grass and by their shed and under their gigantic oak tree and… I just loved that session. I especially loved the photograph that ended up being their family Christmas card that year: Pat and Laurie on their front porch, with Emma on their laps, kissing her fat little cheeks as she giggled uproariously.

    Well, a few weeks ago Laurie called and asked if I would come photograph them again and I was overjoyed. I LOVE the clients who return to us, year after year. I love sharing in the joy that comes from watching a family grow. And I love being able to record those moments into heirloom-quality art. It means that people trust us on a really personal level. And this session did not disappoint. They’ve since moved to a new home, and Emma is a bundle of energy that needed to be OUT, and so instead of staying inside we moved nearby to their favorite park. I chased her all over the playground (and had so many shots of her that I loved that thinning them down for this post was SO difficult), and then played in the grass with them. We even replicated that first, beloved photo, with similarly amazing results. I just love this family. And I can’t wait to watch them grow and grow and grow!

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    As close to home as it gets

    We’ve been doing a lot of rearranging things in our life lately and that’s included our home. Our little girl is now four and was determined to get a “girly room” instead of the childhood hodgepodge that it had become. I did my best to scour the shops and somehow found a combination of purple and pink bedding designs (those colors are never together so I got to get my creative on) that met with her specifications. We’re now onto the decoration phase and so I’m printing these photographs to go above her bureau. They were taken during trips to our neighborhood park, which is one of our favorite ways to spend a little downtime as a family, and they were too cute not to share. Now I just have to wait to get them back and into the frames…

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    The many sides of senior portraiture • Portland Oregon Photographers

    One of the things that I love about being a photographer in the Pacific Northwest is the prolific variety of backgrounds that we have to use for our clients. Within literally minutes of the downtown, urban Portland metropolitan area there are fields and forests, and past that is the Oregon Coast and the Cascade Mountains and on and on. It makes it really fun to plan lots of varied looks for whatever they’re searching for. And that’s especially true for our senior high school picture sessions. We discuss in-depth during our pre-portrait consultations what it is that they are wanting to say about themselves with their pictures, and then we find a location (or a few different locations, if they really want to get creative) that can reflect that. The time of year that a session is done can say a lot too– we love summer for all of the gorgeous plants that are blooming and green, but we also love the fall for the foliage. It’s completely up to our clients when the best time for THEM will be.

    Last year we did a session in the fall with Haley, one of our seniors from Oregon Episcopal School. We’d known Haley for some time at that point because we’re quite involved with the school and we knew that she’s classic, very artistic, and really, really fun. So we took her out into the fields and orchards in one of our favorite areas, and then back to the studio for a mini in-studio session to cap things off. In all of the fall craziness she made it onto Facebook but never onto the blog, and she’s way to gorgeous to not have been featured. So here’s a little preview of what fall senior sessions can be!

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    Josh & Emily’s Military Wedding at the Abernethy Center

    A month and a day ago, RLP Studios photographed what was one of the most fun, lively, emotional, and lovely events of our studio’s history: the wedding of Emily Brock Jones and Josh Jones. We had met them as we do many of our couples, through an online wedding resource, but their situation was a little bit different: the timing of their wedding was of significant importance because Josh is in the Army and would be being deployed shortly after the wedding. We spoke on the phone and they were just so sweet that I knew from the first interactions that it was going to be a really fun event. Because we are a full-lifestyle studio we have decided to take a only a select number of weddings a year, with couples who we just click with and adore, and Emily and Josh certainly fit the bill. But that was just the beginning. As we began hearing about the plans we became more and more excited: it was booked at one of our favorite venues (the Abernethy Center in Oregon City), and they’d also booked our very favorite entertainment team, Event Team Entertainment. (We have several amazing DJs that we work with, a list of which will be on the blog shortly! But Event Team just takes it to a whole new level). Will and I both have considerable military backgrounds in our families and so we loved that component, including that the male members of the bridal party would be in full dress and perform a sabre arch. We were really looking forward to the day for the months in between when we met and the actual event.

    But then, the day arrived and the plans played out and it was even more fabulous than we could have even hoped for. After all, it’s not every day that the dad of your bride is a former, and celebrated, member of the NFL. Or that the groom’s father is a decorated colonel and educator at West Point. There were emotional components that made the day sweet in truly profound ways. Their families, without exception, were absolutely lovely to work with. And the party! Oh, the party. Both families love to dance but I have to say that the Brocks take the cake for the funnest family that I have ever worked with– their nearly 10-minute long lip sync sealed that without exception! The day was an expression of joy overflowing from beginning to end and I am so glad that we were able to document it for them.

    To view many, many more images from the day, please visit the RLP Studios’ Facebook fan page gallery.

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