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    Life is what happens when you’re making other plans

    Things have been a bit quiet around here of late– and by here I mean the blog, and not our life in general. I’m almost positive that I announced sometime back that we’re expecting another child. She’ll be joining our family early this spring and though I am a planner to the nth degree, the complications that this pregnancy have brought are certainly not what I had planned for. Hence the quiet. Our studio has still been taking commissions, though this year family portrait season has had to be much less busy than previous years, and that was by doctor’s orders. We’re still fitting in favorite clients as much as possible so please, don’t hesitate to contact us to check availability. We are also taking a limited number of wedding commissions for next year.

    With any luck, life will resume some sort of normalcy within the next few months. Though I’m quick to remind myself that two children will make my old normal seem very serene indeed!

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    Sara & Brian’s Wedding in the beautiful Yakima Valley

    Sara and Brian found us through the magic of the internet last fall and I am so incredibly grateful that they did! They live in Seattle and we got to meet them a few times throughout the ensuing months, and they were so lovely that we were really excited when it came time to finally photograph their wedding. Sara grew up in Yakima, Washington, most well-known for its abundant fruit growers. Her family– grandparents, parents, and two aunts and uncles– share property and she chose to marry there, on the land where she was raised. The spot lent a sense of intimacy to the proceedings and the friends that came from all over to share in the joining of their lives added crazy amounts of revelry. Sara had put an incredible amount of effort into planning and everything, including her blue and orange color scheme throughout, were perfect down to the last detail. And then, all was left was to party and celebrate the lives of two friends who are making a life as one.

    Sara wore an absolutely stunning cream-colored lace linen dress by Priscilla of London.

    Her grandmother made this linen handkerchief, and then she gave her bridesmaids all vintage kerchiefs.

    Their first look was in a pergola behind her childhood home.

    We like to call these “un-formals” because we really try and have fun. And their party was fabulous!

    The mariachi band started playing during the first kiss and then led the guests over to the cocktail hour.

    Sara’s grandma made an amazingly tasty cake– and after they cut it together he had to have some more!

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    Family pictures at Cannon Beach

    Things are crazy around here and needless to say we’re not blogging much! But we had so much fun at the beach last weekend photographing Eric and Anna and their adorable kids. We’ve been photographing their family for three years now and I love watching their kids grow. And today, when I was working on their Rosh Hashanah holiday cards I found this gem:

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    Perri and Corey at the Crown Ballroom • Portland Oregon Weddings

    Perri and Corey have one of those stories that make me kind of believe in fate: they met in Mexico, on vacation, while they were each with their individual families. They had an instant connection and spent the rest of the time inseparable. But Perri is from Toronto and Corey is from Portland and you’d think that the story would end there. But they had had such an amazing time together that they found ways, over the next year, to rendezvous; by the time Corey proposed, it was a foregone conclusion that they would spend the rest of their lives together. And so their wedding was this amazing celebration of a love that could bring two people together, after chance or fate or something conspired to get them in the right place at the right time. Their families– and friends– were thrilled to be joining with one another and Perri’s dad gave one of the sweetest toasts I think I’ve ever heard. And their wedding itself was beautiful. Perri was absolutely stunning, thanks in part to genetics but also to the always amazing Jennifer of Face Body Beauty. Katie of Fleur Bliss created the most lovely bouquets (and other flower adornments that decked out the ballroom) out of a myriad of purples that were just to die for, and with all of that love behind them, there was just this feeling that the day was blessed. I’m so thrilled for them. Congratulations guys!

    This is one of my favorite moments: when the groom sees his bride for the first time.

    Their little flower girl needed some diversion during the ceremony, in the form of saltines.

    I loved her exquisite dress but I think that I loved her shoes even more!

    OK, seriously, how cool is this? The new son and father-in-law doing the chicken dance together!

    They literally danced their shoes off that night!

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    Jason, Angela, Lucy & Lillian • Portland Oregon Portraits

    I know that this commentary has the capability to sound just a little bit redundant but I just have to say it again: the world is SO SMALL when you’ve lived in one town your entire life. Case in point: last fall, I was perusing the wares at our daughter’s school auction when I saw this guy who looked really familiar. We did the “where did you…” game until we realized that we’d actually worked together the inaugural year of The Bus Project. And then his wife said, “Oh, how crazy! We [as in she and Jason] met on the Bus!” Then we realized that our daughters were in the same preschool class and that we’d already been hearing about each other.

    The other notable thing about that night was that Angela was nearly due with their second little girl, and we made plans to take pictures of their new addition when she arrived. But sometimes life has other plans. The first three months of Lillian’s life were pretty complicated, not by anything horribly dramatic but just a series of things that made fitting in a photo session fairly low on the priority totem pole. We’d see each other at pick-up and say, “Maybe in a few weeks?” Thankfully, the time arrived right around Lillian’s three-month birthday and just as Lucy was turning three. It was perfect! We spent the morning with them in their NE Portland home playing and documenting their life as a family. I love these relaxed sessions when we are able to capture a really intimate side of family life. Here are just a few of my favorites…

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