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    Fun little bonus: Facebook headers

    We’ve been including photographs to our clients for social media like Facebook and Twitter for years now. But I just realized not long ago as I was updating my own page that I had missed something so simple: header photos for Facebook! They’re that section at the top of the page that just screams for something fabulous and instead, all too often I think a lot of us end up just putting anything up just to fill the space. Hopefully that’s not just me…

    The answer is here! When we deliver our portrait packages now, part of what we’ll be including are pre-sized header photographs so that they’re ready to load and go. Here are a few of the samples that I’ve done over the last few weeks.

    Baby Otis, of course! I know his mama has been thrilled to show him off.

    Braden and Jill, one of our wedding couples from last summer, out in the fields of Wilsonville.
    Their wedding, at the Stein-Boozier Barn was fabulous.

    I loved the colors of the outfits Carrie chose against the backdrop of their beach house,
    so I kept those front and center in their header.

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    Carrie, Nathan, Ronan & Caomphe at Cannon Beach

    The last time that I saw Caomphe (pronounced Keeva, but true to her Gaelic roots) was at her aunt Amanda’s wedding at the Surfsands Resort in the summer of 2009. She threatened to steal her aunt’s thunder throughout the day– not because she was doing anything wrong, not in the least. She was just so adorable! So when Amanda called to tell me that not only would she and Josh be at the beach with their brand new baby, Otis, but the rest of the family would be coming as well, I was so excited to photograph Caomphe again. And as a bonus, she now has an equally adorable brother, Ronan. Our time with them was a bit compact because we were doing Otis’ pictures at the same time. That meant that I couldn’t take them out and play for hours like we would have loved. The Oregon coast isn’t the most hospitable in the wintertime anyway. But I’m so glad that Will and I got to spend the time with them that we did. It is such a wonderful thing to watch families grow and document that journey!

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    From hearts spring Valentine window decorations

    When I was a newer mom, I wanted to decorate for holidays, but had a hard time finding the junction between my own style and putting cute stickies on the window. I think that I’m starting to find a happy medium, though, and today that was making wax paper hearts from crayon shavings. I’d seen it years ago in Martha Stewart and feel sort of silly that I didn’t remember it until now. I took some pictures during the process and I’d so glad I did because the finished result was even better than I’d hoped. Sophie and Paige loved the result on our front window, and friends have been loving it too.

    I wanted quintessential Valentine colors and so I chose a range of pinks and reds, with some peach and white thrown in for contrast.

    Then the shavings are sprinkled onto a long sheet of wax paper. It took a few repetitions to get the right amount of shavings on. Definitely go for the “more is more” school of thought here.

    The wax paper is sealed between sheets of craft paper and ironed. Long, even strokes make the best striations and streaks in the crayons. I checked ever thirty seconds or so to make sure that all of the shavings were completely melted.

    As soon as the sheets cooled, I cut out the heart shapes. (I used a cookie cutter to create the template). One little note: keep some glue on hand to reapply the errant wax. A few punches into the tops and some embroidery thread and they were ready for hanging!

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