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Celebrating the Sherman family’s love of adoption

Mark and Christie have big, huge, amazing hearts and for years, they were missing children to share them with. Then they decided to adopt a baby– first Addie, then Penny– and their love came full circle. Christie said that they were especially excited to have children given to them who look so vastly different than they do “so that it would teach people that love can come from all kinds of places.” And I know that they’re the kind of people who would shake their heads and say, “Oh, no, there’s nothing particularly special about us.” But they are such sweet people and I had a tremendously fun time playing with them and their girls. Addie is a big bundle of crazy four-year old who didn’t hesitate for one second when I told her to run to the tree and back. But she also cuddled her sister, her sweet little Penny, with an amazing amount of sweetness that literally brought tears to my eyes.

Watching this family who was a product of love and sacrifice made me so grateful for all of the families who are created through adoption. We have friends who have adopted and for a while, before Sophie came, we thought that we might also. I wondered how I would feel– I longed for a baby and wondered if it could really be the same as I’d been told, that your heart opens in the very same way as it would if you gave birth to them. Needless to say, with our little clones, we haven’t been on that side of parenthood. But a few years ago, I got a call from one of my dearest friends. She and her husband had been waiting for a baby for… I think three years at that point. They had been chosen by a birth mom at long last and that day, her son had been born. And through a voice that I knew came from the deepest part of her heart, she said, “He’s mine, Emma. I have a son!” I knew, then, the beauty of adoption. It is a testament that love knows no bounds.

Will - June 3, 2013 - 8:03 am

Great use of light and color in these. Also, I *love* the site redesign!

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