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Who is RLP Studios?

First, our name. When we were first starting to take portrait work Will was messing around with a lens technique and we thought, “Ooh, that’s fun and different.” What we didn’t consider was how many times we’d have to spell it out and make sure that a D was on  the end of Reversed. Somewhere along the line we threw our hands up and shortened it to RLPStudios.

The studio was born from a simple idea: to bring a more whimsical expression to life’s moments. We met in high school and our creative direction has always been one of the strongest parts of our life. Photography was a joint passion; we were individually  enamored of the camera, particularly art and life subjects, from a very early age. But it wasn’t until our first daughter was born that the innate desire to share this through more personal medium came into focus. By the time she was a toddler the studio was opened in a fantastic walk-up warehouse space in inner SE Portland. Our second daughter came with lots of drama and we closed our studio, but the love of documenting our clients’ moments has continued.

We see lifestyle portraiture as a way to capture the real essence of life, of families, of love. Our specialty is translating the emotion and connection that are part of the human experience into heirloom art. We like to think of our photographs as something akin to your favorite childhood candy: with just one taste you are brought back to the sweetness of the moment time after time after time, long after the details fade.The most important component of everything we do, though, is that you have the time of your life. We aren’t photographers for the glamour (heck, half the time one of us is laying in the dirt!) We’re photographers because at least two or three times in every session we capture a moment that is so real, so pure, that it takes the breath away. Giving our clients a glimpse into who they really are is an amazing thing. So trust us. Wherever we go and do, just live a little. We promise it will be worth it.
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