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    Eric, Laura, Neah and Logan • Portland Oregon Family Photographers

    I was going through our blog and found this post, and it echoed the feelings that I’m feeling so closely that I decided to revisit it again!

    I love fall. I love the crispness of the air, the feeling that you want to be all bundled up. Sometimes that means being inside tucked into blankets, but sometimes it means gallivanting about in a perfect toggle coat. When we met Laura in the parking lot and I saw her coat, I nearly swooned because it was just so perfect for the fall day when we photographed them! In fact, if you’re trying to figure out what to wear during your fall session take note of their outfits because they are PERFECT in their mix of textures and colors. Well done! We had such a fun time doing some of that gallivanting with their family. Logan and Neah are close in age and have such a fun sibling dynamic– you know, the one where as a parent there are moments when you kind of want to lecture them, but then they turn around and do the sweetest things. They’re playful and I love that we captured those moments between them. And Neah! She’s a dancer with Oregon Ballet Theater, and I was able to convince her to do a few positions for us, which was delightful. Such a lovely session.

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    Logan and Becky Pre-wedding portraits • Portland Oregon Wedding Photographers

    Logan and Becky are getting married this weekend in the Portland LDS Temple. Weddings there are lovely (I know; Will and I were married there thirteen years ago!), but the one thing that I always miss is that the moment that the groom sees the bride for the first time isn’t documented. It’s one of my very favorite moments during the wedding day. And so with LDS brides and grooms, we often do a “first look” a few days before the wedding at a picturesque location so that we can still capture that moment. There’s also the bonus of additional wedding pictures!

    Logan and Becky have known each other since their first year at college, but life took some detours, including a mission for Becky to New York City. But all along there has been an amazing connection and when Becky came home from her mission early this summer, they knew that they were ready to make the leap into marriage. They are such a darling couple that photographing these sweet moments, knowing that in just a few days they would be sealed, was something that I really loved capturing. And it also worked out perfectly because the day of their wedding the always unpredictable Northwest weather surprised everyone and poured! Even though Logan didn’t have his suit yet (though I think he looks pretty adorable in his dungarees) these will still be a lovely addition to their wedding set.

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    Time to meet the H’s • Portland Family Photographers

    I love this family! We’ve known Jenna and Drew for a while and I was so excited when they asked us if we’d do their family portraits. Drew’s parent’s 40th wedding anniversary is coming up and they wanted to gift them with a photograph of their family. “And we can’t use the one that we have right now because according to that photo, we only have two kids! And obviously, that number is a little off!” Jenna said when she called me. It was obviously time for a reboot. And really, isn’t that something that we all could do more often? I’m actually reminded on a regular basis how much I need to have portraits done because my debit card has an adorable photo of our family– but we’re actually missing one child. Clearly even photographers need a reboot occasionally. But thankfully for Jenna and Drew, they’re in safe territory for at least a year or two.

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    Another NW Kids cover for Addie and Penny • Portland Oregon Family Photographer

    You may remember the adorable cover of the S family that ended up on the cover of NW Kids a couple of years ago (you can see it <here (it’s the family photo just after the text). I did a session for a charity called Celebrating Adoption that gives complimentary sessions to families who have adopted a baby, and the editors of NWK loved the photos so much that they used it for their Adoption issue that year. Well, I got a call last month asking if I thought that they’d be up to doing another cover. Christie’s answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!” and so we got together a couple of weeks ago to do a mini session for the cover. We’ll be doing another little session later to round things out but for now, here are a few of the cutest shots.

    (I had to include these two because they were all so adorable that it was hard to choose which to use!)

    (this was the almost-cover of the issue, but they decided to go with a full-family photo instead)

    And finally, the cover for this year’s adoption issue!

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    A very serious family portrait • Portland family photographers

    We photographed the B family at their home in Ridgefield, WA on a gorgeous spring day. They live about as far from town as one can get– their house literally borders the National Forest– and so we had a lot of beautiful land to work with. As luck would have it, living out in the boonies also sometimes means that you have access to some fun equipment, and in this case it meant a very, very cool old firetruck. It was right at the end of the shoot and we’d already done the “we’re a very happy family” pictures in the middle of their field and so we told them to just act a little bit serious. What resulted is one of my favorite family portraits that we’ve ever taken. I love every single member of this family and how they are articulated, especially Wendy (the mom) who is oblivious to all of the shenanigans behind her.

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